What is Takaful | Takaful Pakistan Limited | Shariah Insurance Pakistan
The word Takaful is derived from the Arabic verb Kafala, which means to guarantee; to help; to take care of one’s needs. Takaful is a system of Islamic insurance based on the principle of Ta’awun (mutual assistance) and Tabarru (voluntary contribution), where risk is shared collectively by a group of participants, who by paying contributions to a common fund, agree to jointly guarantee themselves against loss or damage to any one of them as defined in the pact. Takaful is operated on the basis of shared responsibility, brotherhood, solidarity and mutual cooperation.

Takaful Pakistan Aiming to spread Takaful benefits beyond borders,beyond time !

  • To deliver Takaful as a viable alternative to conventional insurance.
  • To become the ‘top-of-the-mind’ Takaful brand for our Participants in terms of competitiveness, service standards and business ethics
  • To give value for money to our shareholders and make Takaful Pakistan their prized asset.
  • To become an ideal organization for our employees that encourages them to achieve self-actualization and growth.
  • To contribute positively and proactively for the welfare of our society at large as well as for the preservation of our environment.
  • To be a role model for the contemporary insurance industry and eventually bring it in conformity with the Shariah compliant Takaful mode of insurance.