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Motor :

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MOTOR VEHICLE PROPOSAL FORM Motor Vehicle Proposal Form.pdf

Theft of and/or accidental damage to motor vehicles have become all too frequent in our daily lives. With the increasing number of accidents on roads and the surging costs of repairs, comprehensive motor coverage is highly recommended. Takaful Pakistan provides a complete solution for all your motor related concerns, on or off the road.

Fire :

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Householder's Comprehensive Fire Takaful Proposal Form.pdf

Almost everything, from the smallest unit of machinery to the largest structure, is exposed to risk. Be it fire, earthquake, flood or storm, or other perils like explosion, burglary, or theft, it only takes a fraction of a second to destroy what you've worked so hard and taken so long to build(and may take even longer to rebuild!). It is at times like these that you need a partner, someone you can always count on for whose strength, reliability, and trust - that's us! Takaful Pakistan Limited. Only Takaful Pakistan can offer you a comprehensive and yet affordable Fire policy that not only safeguards you against the losses that can arise due to fire and allied perils, but that does so in a Shariah-compliant and approved way.

Marine :

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Marine Cargo Policy Marine Questionnarie Form.pdf

Cargo interests are exposed to numerous financial risks in the course of their business of imports, exports as well as movement of goods within the country. The transportation of cargo is invariably carried in conjunction with marine insurance coverage as no one can afford to take the risk of leaving his cargo uninsured.

Health Forms :

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Panel Hospital List Network hospitals Dec20.pdf
Health Addition and Deletion Format Addition and Deletion Format.xls
Health Discount Centres Takaful Discount Centres.pdf

Finanacial Lines & Miscellaneous :

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All Risk Contents Takaful Contract All Risks Contents Propsal Form.pdf
Fidelity Guarantee Fidelity Guarantee Proposal Form.pdf
Mobile Phone All Risk Mobile phone Proposal Form.pdf
Money Takaful Money Takaful Proposal Form.pdf
Personal Accident Medical Personal Accident Proposal Form.pdf
Personal Accident Takaful Coverage Personal Accident Proposal Form.pdf
Plate Glass Takaful Plate Glass Proposal Form.pdf
Product Liability Takaful Product Liability Proposal Form.pdf
Third Party Liability Takaful Third Party Liability Proposal Form.pdf
Workmen's Compensation Workmen's Compensation Proposal Form.pdf

Finanacial Lines & Miscellaneous Policy