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Burglary Takaful

This policy provides coverage loss and/or damage to the participant’s property whilst within the business premises against the risks of Theft/Burglary consequent upon forcible and violence entry. The policy also covers damage to the premises resulting from attempted Theft/Burglary. The policy is however issued only in conjunction with fire and allied perils policy.


Fidelity Guarantee Takaful :

This policy is designed to provide coverage against acts of the risk of misappropriation or embezzlement committed by the permanent and authorised employees in the course of their employment for the participant on permanent payroll.


Plate Glass Takaful :

Coverage under this policy includes breakage (which does not include damage by scratching) of any glass installed at the premises specified. The policy also covers any writing or ornamentation on glass if specifically described for coverage.

Money Takaful :

The policy covers loss or destruction of or damage to money whilst in transit between various specified locations. The policy can also be extended to covers money whilst in premises during and after working hours and in residence overnight. In addition, it may also cover loss of or damage to the safe or strong room as a result of theft or attempted theft or robbery.


Third party Liability Takaful :

The policy covers legal liability of the participant in respect of death &/or bodily injury and/or loss or damage to third party and/or its property (other than participant &/or his employees) as a direct result of an accident arising at the participant’s specified premises.

Workmen Compensation Takaful :

This policy is designed to indemnify the participant, if at any time during the period of coverage of Takaful, any employee in the Participant’s immediate service shall sustain personal injury by accident or disease arising out of and in the course of his employment by the participant in the Business and if the participant shall be liable to pay compensation for such injury either under:

  • Workmen Compensation 1923 and subsequent amendments of the said act prior to the date of the issue of the Policy;
  • Fatal Accident Act, 1855;
  • Common Law.

Bankers Blanket Takaful :

This policy is designed to provide package covers for the banks and financial institutions and it covers indemnity to participant’s employees, property on premises, property in transit, forged cheques, damage to office and contents, and counterfeited currency.

Personal Accident Takaful Coverage:

This is a 24 hours worldwide coverage providing compensation in case of death or loss of limb or bodily injury to the covered person resulting in temporary or permanent disablement, partial disablement or total disablement arising out of an accident. The standard coverage may also be extended to cover medical expenses resulting out of such accident.